Board of Assessment and Review:

In accordance with Section 523 of the New York State Real Property Tax law, all local governments of a city, town or village, shall appoint a three to five person Board of Assessment and Review.

The Board of Assessment and Review is an administrative panel that acts independent of the Town Board and the Assessor's Department; and it is empowered to review and make decisions regarding assessed values. The primary duty of the Board is to hear any person who is aggrieved by a property assessed value. In addition, the Board of Assessment and Review hears complaints regarding the removal and/or denial of any real property tax exemption. In the Town of Otego, the Board of Assessment and Review meets on the fourth Wednesday of each May.

A complaint to the Board of Assessment Review is a prerequisite to judicial review; such as Small Claims appeals or Certiorari.

Current board members and their term expiration dates:

Teresa Sears - December 2028
Darlene Winchester - September 2024
Steven Parisian - September 2027