Town Court:

Welcome to the Town Court Office.  To avoid unnecessary travel, this court is handling as much as possible by mail.  Therefore, please call the Court prior to your visit.  You may be able to complete your transaction through the mail.  

If you have received a Vehicle or Traffic ticket which can be returned by mail, please do so. 

We are also accepting and processing any fine payments.

If you have an attorney for a criminal matter, please keep in contact with your attorney regarding your court appearances.

Should you need to contact the Court, please call 607-988-2698, ext. 1, and leave a message.  Please do NOT call the other offices at the town hall regarding a court matter; no one else can help you.

**If you have been directed to appear in court virtually, ENTER MICROSOFT TEAMS MEETING.  

To join by phone, dial +1 347-378-4143, (dial in number).  Conference ID:  807 086 297#

**For information/instructions on how to access the court virtually, click on this link

Otego Town Court                                                  Office Hours:
3526 State Highway 7                                               Tuesdays, 9:00--2:00
P.O. Box 468                                                             Thursdays, 9:00--2:00
Otego, New York  13825                                           Fridays, 9:00--12:00
(607) 988-2698 Ext 1  

You may want to call ahead to verify hours as there may be occasions the office is closed.  (Outside Drop Box is available)                

Representing Yourself

If you need help to represent yourself in court, please visit

Eviction Proceedings

If you need help with an eviction proceeding, please contact an attorney or visit the NY Courts (Court Help) web site for more information.  At some point, you will need to contact the Court Clerk to select a
court date.  The filing fee is $20.00.

Small Claims

The party you are filing against must live, work, have a place of business, or own property you are/were  renting (and your claim is related to tenancy or lease) in the Town of Otego.  The allowable maximum amount to claim in Otego Town Court is $3,000.00. For more information, please read the NY Courts Small Claims Handbook.  For claims up to $1,000.00, the filing fee is $10.00. For claims over $1,000.00 the filing fee is $15.00.

Traffic Tickets

Be sure to review all information and instructions printed on your ticket(s).  It is your obligation to enter a plea to each ticket, on or by the return date on the ticket, and to make sure the Court receives that plea.

Although you are not required to have an attorney, you have a right to have representation at every step of the proceedings.

If the charge on the ticket is a MISDEMEANOR, or a third or subsequent speed in an 18-month period, you MUST appear IN PERSON of the date listed on the ticket.

If the charge on the ticket is NOT a MISDEMEANOR, or a third or subsequent speed in an 18-month period, you may either appear in person on the date listed on the bottom left of the ticket, or you may respond by mail by filling out one of the sections on the right side of the ticket and sending it to the court.  Please include your current mailing address.

To plead GUILTY, complete and sign Section A of your ticket.  Once the Court receives your plea, the judge will impose a sentence which could consist of a fine.  There is also a NY State mandated surcharge. A fine notice will be mailed to you stating the amount due as well as acceptable methods to make the payment, and NYS DMV will be notified of your plea so they may assess any points or other penalties separate from the Court.

To plead NOT GUILTY, complete and sign Section B of your ticket.  After the Court receives your plea, a letter will be mailed to you explaining your options, and giving you a CONTROL DATE by which one of those options will need to be pursued to resolve your ticket. Your options would be to contact an attorney of your choosing to help you with this matter, contact the Otsego County District Attorney’s Office If you wish any plea bargain/reduction to the original charge, or request the Court to set a future trial date should you desire a TRIAL.

There is no initial amount to pay on a NYS traffic ticket.  The judge assesses the penalty once a plea of GUILTY has been entered to the original charge or to a reduced charge, or should you be found guilty after TRIAL.

A Supporting Deposition is a detailed account from the officer regarding the issued ticket.  the officer may have given you the supporting deposition with the ticket. It could be attached to the ticket as one long piece of paper, or the officer may have separated it from the ticket.

If you have a question about points, please contact your local NYS DMVIf you are an out of state driver, please contact your home licensing state department of motor vehicles.

NOTE:  If you fail to respond to your ticket by the return date on your ticket, or later fail to resolve your ticket within the timeframe set by the court, your driving privileges may be suspended.