Town Assessor:

Welcome to the Town Assessor's Office.  Assessment administration in the Town of Otego is the primary responsibility of the Town Assessor. Commissioned by the State of New York, the Town Assessor is responsible for locating, listing, and valuing all taxable and non-taxable properties within the Town's municipal jurisdiction.

Mario R. Arevalo, IAO
(607) 988-2682 Ext. 3

Office hours:  Tuesday & Thursday 9:00--2:00 (Unless otherwise noted in calendar, and/or by appointment)

Services Provided

A summary of the services provided by the Assessment Department include:

• Appraisal of all property located in the town and annual notification of new assessments.
• Assessment review and property inspections when necessary.
• Appraisal of new or partial constructions resulting from building permits.
 Collection and inventory of data on property transfers and subdivisions.

In addition to these services, the Office of Town Assessor also:

• Maintains current and historical files for all properties in the town.
• Provides property and sales data to government entities, real estate organizations, and the community at large.
• Processes all property transcripts, as well as the monitoring of their transfers and market trends.
• Informs and educates the public through various means of communication.

The staff of the Assessment Department in the Town of Otego continues to dedicate the utmost of capability and knowledge to achieve better services to our taxpaying community; thus, insuring the fair and equitable assessment distribution of all real property in the Town of Otego.

Assessment Calendar

JULY 1: (of the preceding year) Valuation Date.

MARCH 1: Taxable Status Date.


MAY 1: Completion of Tentative Roll.

TEN DAYS PRIOR TO GRIEVANCE DAY: Notice of Assessments Changes.

GRIEVANCE DAY:  Fourth Tuesday in May.

JULY 1:  Filing of Final Assessment Roll and Notice of Completion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)